Shooting for Big Button Upholstery Begins!

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.38.37 PM

Courtesy Big Button Upholstery

Ever wondered about the story that lies behind an old piece of furniture? Who sat in that chair? What documents were drafted on top of that 100-year-old desk?

And perhaps the more important question to ask: why restore old pieces when we can so easily buy new, modern, and in fact cheaper furniture from, say, IKEA or Target? Is it for sentimentality? Or sustainability? Something else?

For one married couple living in Ithaca, the art of preserving such history is not only a livelihood, but a passion. And that’s what this documentary aims to deliver to you, the audience. Stay tuned for more updates on the filming, production and release of this short feature, and perhaps even some insight about these stationary things we use every day, but rarely give a second thought.